1. Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do worldwide shipping. For more doubts  WhatsApp - +91 73052 03958 or Email -  tarathijewels@gmail.com

2. Do you have physical outlet?

No, we do not have an any physical shop yet.

3. Is package opening video is must?

Yes, In case of any missing items from your package please kindly provide us a complete package opening video without any cuts to facilitate easier help for you.

4. What is the jewellery made of?

All of the products are made with base of brass/copper/iron coated with matte/imitation golden color. None of the jewellery sold on the website are one-gram gold or real silver or real gold jewellery.

5. Can I replace or exchange the product if I don’t like?

Replacements or exchange shall be given only if there are any damages and within 24 hours of delivery, if it’s more than 24 hours then there shall be no replacement or exchange (unboxing video is must).

6. How many days does it takes delivery the product?

It will take 4 to 7 working days (orders within India please do provide a valid Indian number. For international orders, depending on the country location, the order will take 5 to 10 working days’ maximum.

7. Do you have any express shipping?

No, we don’t have any express shipping.No, we don’t have any express shipping.No, we don’t have any express shipping.

8. Can we cancel the order?

No, once the order has been placed there is no cancellation

9. Will the product be exactly as shown as the picture?

As these are handcrafted by our local artisans so there shall be minute difference from piece to piece but not any major differences, no exchange shall be given based on a small minute differences!

10. Is there any guarantee/warranty for products?

No. There is no explicit guarantee /warranty. But we promise to deliver premium quality jewellery to you. shipping. It is also packed with a lot of love.

11. Will the products be checked for damage before dispatch?

Every product is checked for damage and repackaged before shipping. It is also packed with a lot of love.

12. How do I know if my order has been confirmed?

You will receive an order confirmation email, WhatsApp, or text message.

13. Do you accept bulk orders?

Yes, we undertake bulk orders and provide special discounts too.

14. What will be the size of the product?

The approximate size in terms of dimensions and weight are mentioned in the description of the post.

15. What should I do if I have not received my order within the promised delivery timelines?

Please WhatsApp /Email us to contact tarathijewels@gmail.com /  +91 73052 03958 Your order id with details stating your concern from the registered email id /phone number .

16.Does the jewellery come with Back rope?

Yes, you can also buy back-chain separately in our website.

17. Can I polish the jewellery?

Artificial jewellery cannot be polished.

18. What if the package returns back?

If the package returns back to us stating that the customer was unavailable while they came for delivery or they couldn’t reach out to the customer’s phone number, then the package will return back to us and the customer will have to pay reshipping charges and then once returns back to us we will reship it (no refund will be provided).

19.What if a product I want to buy is sold out?

That’s very common thing that can happen to one and can be quite frustrating. But please do not worry, there is WhatsApp button available below every products that’s sold out. You can either email/WhatsApp us on the list of items you would like to order.

Source: Chungath jewellery